VaVaVoom Chooses We Influence

It’s been a busy old time here recently, and we’re delighted to announce that online clothing retailer VaVaVoom has chosen We Influence as their digital marketing partner.

Based in Ireland but delivering around the world, VaVaVoom are one of the most exciting and fastest growing fashion sites around right now and we can’t wait to get started on helping them grow even further.

We’ve actually been working with VaVaVoom for a short time already on their Google Shopping feeds, and have achieved such great results in a short amount of time, that they’ve also come on board for technical SEO and affiliate marketing.

Vavavoom logo

The fashion ecommerce space is competitive and fast-moving, so it’s vital websites in that industry perform to the best of their capabilities. Fortunately, we thrive on that kind of environment and will be utilising our SEO expertise to ensure the site is healthy and well optimised for both users and search engines.

We’ll also be taking advantage of our extensive affiliate networks to bring VaVaVoom to entire new audiences and expand its reach as far and wide as possible.

With a proven and demonstrable track record in growing fashion ecommerce sites, we’re excited about working with VaVaVoom over the coming months and beyond.

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