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We Influence and Plumbworld: A winning partnership

We Influence is delighted to be celebrating over 12 months working alongside Plumbworld – a partnership which has driven significant growth for the leading online bathroom retailer.

Plumbworld approached us back in mid-2019 with an ambition of scaling up their digital marketing performance, and charged us with devising and implementing strategies across PPC, Paid Social Media, SEO, Affiliate and Content Marketing.

A combination of regular communication and insights from the Plumbworld team and expertise within We Influence HQ, has led to us being able to report outstanding results across every digital channel.


Through Paid Search, Plumbworld has enjoyed record revenue days, record sales weeks, record orders weeks and a record Black Friday, all in just 12 months.

Key stat: 29% increase in revenue (YoY)

Paid Social Media:

Using historical data we planned structured campaigns to promote products to segmented audiences. We then used a variety of retargeting methods to show users specific products relevant to them, adjusting our message to motivate then to return and make a purchase.

Key stat: 671% increase in revenue (YoY)


After fixing technical issues that were holding the site back we focused on areas where quick improvements could be made, allowing us to see improved performance while working on the next stage. Visibility has increased significantly over the 12 month period and is now the highest it has been since 2013.

Key stat: 16% increase in revenue (YoY)

Affiliate Marketing:

Over the 12 month period, traffic through the affiliate programme has grown ten-fold with revenues tripling since the first full month of trading.

Key stat: 70% of revenues coming from new customers


Content has proven a valuable asset in not only driving significant traffic to the Plumbworld website, but in also assisting an increasing number of conversions which has contributed to the overall revenue growth.

Key stat: 30% increase in assisted conversions (YoY)


“The expertise of the We Influence team has without doubt helped the Plumbworld business continue to grow significantly,” says Plumbworld MD James Hickman.

“They are passionate about and skilled in their work, they are dedicated to finding new opportunities for growth and they communicate regularly to give us all confidence our important digital marketing work is in the right hands.”

We Influence MD Graham Withe added: “It’s hard to believe we have been working with the Plumbworld team for over 12 months. The time has flown by.

“I can’t praise my team enough for the dedication and passion with which they have worked to deliver outstanding results. Here’s to the next 12 months!”

To find out more about our partnership with Plumbworld and about how we have helped them significantly grow their business, check out the full case study today.

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