Why Content Marketing Will Be Big In 2019

What will get people talking about your business more than anything else this year? Most likely, your content will.

A lot goes into a digital marketing strategy. Behind the scenes, you will probably be managing budgets, researching keywords and keeping tabs on your PPC results.

These things are all important. But what your customers will come face to face with on a daily basis, is the content.

Well-created content can help address a lot of challenges you may be facing, whether that’s to increase engagement or loyalty from your customers. Content is what conveys your message, values and voice as a brand – and this is becoming more important than ever before.

Some of the main points for you to take away from this article are:

  • Well executed content can make you newsworthy – in a good way!
  • Creating specialist content can make you stand out from the crowd
  • Keeping authoritative and trustworthy is more important than ever
  • Personalising your content is a growing trend

Read on to find out more about why content marketing should be high on your agenda in 2019…

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Good Campaigns Make News

It’s nothing new to hear that particularly effective content campaigns make headlines. Whether it’s an accidental mishap or a badly researched message, we’ve all found ourselves sniggering when we read of failed advertisements.

But, it doesn’t need to be this way. Less than a month in, 2019 has already shown us how, if you strike the right note at the right time, your content can send awareness of your brand soaring.

On 3rd January, Greggs kicked off a campaign that set the tone for 2019. Tapping into the food trend that has seen a record number of people in the UK give up on meat and animal by-products, it also really captured today’s zeitgeist.

The plant-based diet has been rocketed into popularity on social media, with Instagrammers giving it an all important new image, backed by millennial celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. This year, Veganuary even managed to beat Dry January as the resolution of choice for many.

Meanwhile, the Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll Youtube video mocked our reverence of new tech products. The sausage roll was even sent to journalists in fake iPhone boxes and the campaign went viral. Piers Morgan chimed in and marketing history was made.


Greggs certainly wasn’t the first to try and piggy back off the growing veganism trend. So why were they the ones to cause a stir? Maybe it was the hint of humour and parody from a famously budget meat-based brand. Maybe it was the divide between those who rolled their eyes at a perceived ‘political correctness’ and the ‘snowflake’ generation. Whatever it was, it was brave enough to cause a stir and well-executed enough to see their shares reach an all time high.

What does this mean for your content campaigns in 2019? It shows us the power of keeping relevant to today’s consumers. By cutting through the noise building up around veganism, Greggs proved the power of well thought out content.


The Internet is Getting Crowded

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The internet is ever expanding. But into what? It has been estimated that up to 1.8 million new web pages are created every minute! A good portion of these will be joining the race to reach the top of search engine result pages, though the same report estimates that 91% of all content gets no traffic from Google.

If you are a budding online business or website, this may sound daunting. But, creating meaningful content is an important way of making yourself stand out from the ever growing crowd.

Use Your User’s Intent

User intent is probably one of the biggest shake-ups your content will have seen lately. Instead of simply matching up individual keywords when it comes to ranking your pages, Google has got a lot smarter. It now analyses the connection between the words of a search phrase to decide what content would best answer the intention behind the query. This means that your content has the potential to answer questions as closely as possible – this is something you can use to your advantage!

Nail Down Your Niche

One way your content can help you keep pulling in interest is to address more niche problems that users may have. Greggs may have hit the jackpot with their vegan sausage roll campaign, but it’s not the only path to success. Building yourself up as a reputable source of information can have just as much impact over time – and serves you better in the long term.

If you sit within a particular industry or sector, the chances are that your customers, or potential customers, are looking for lots of reliable advice on services or products like yours. But you can also widen your reach to advise on how to use or look after your products.

For example, if you sell suitcases, you may want to tell people about which is the best suitcase to buy. But you could also tell them how to pack their suitcases. Going further, you could tell them how to pack for a particular occasion or how to face niche problems when it comes to travelling. Drilling down to meet exact needs and intentions is one of the best ways to use your content in 2019.


Originality and Authenticity Is In

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In 2017, ‘fake news’ was crowned word of the year. This was a huge learning for 2018, with consumers questioning messages that the media were putting out to them more than ever. So, what does this mean for your content marketing strategy in 2019?

For 2019, content that stays trustworthy, authoritative and relevant will come out on top. Your customers are becoming more savvy about clickbait and content that doesn’t serve them. Instead, they want to be able to come to you to have their problems answered with honesty.

You might also see this being reflected in the world of influencer marketing. Recent crackdowns on social media stars not declaring freebies means that establishing trust with your following is more important than ever. Content is one of the keys to doing this. Hacking your way to the top just isn’t an option anymore. Instead, you need to provide material with a valuable purpose that you know your customers will love – and come back for.


Personalisation is Powerful

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Leading on from the last point, if you want your content to be big in 2019, you might want to personalise it.

You have probably seen for yourself how personalisation works in many areas, whether its recommended programmes on Netflix, or suggested items when shopping on ASOS. Today, it is also more effective than ever before to target exact audiences, whether on social media or with your email campaigns.

With this in mind, personalising your content with certain people in mind will go far in making them feel more engaged with your brand. While targeting does half of the work here, it is the content itself that will tap into what makes these people tick. Make sure the message you convey matches their own values and customers will begin to form a more personal connection with you in return.


The Overall Take Away…

Content has a lot to play for in 2019. In an ever-growing landscape of web pages, blogs, articles, videos and more, it has never been more important to take stock of what your are currently offering, and how to improve for the year ahead.

Overall, the next move for content marketing is to focus on the connection it can build on a human level. Of course, your SEO potential is still a huge part of your content, but a two pronged attack that pleases search engines and your customers alike is will make content big for 2019!

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