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Case Study

Tatti Lashes

  • increase in revenue
  • improvement in ROAS
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Tatti Lashes was formed by two best friends who have worked in the beauty industry for over ten years. Launched in April 2017, sells the highest quality strip eyelashes at a price that is cost effective for make up artists.

Tatti Lashes Eyelashes are now worn and endorsed by some of the world’s most famous celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Christina Aguilera.

Result Highlights

37% increase in revenue for Non-Brand campaigns

39% improvement in ROAS for Non-Brand campaigns

The Challenge

Thanks to huge success on Social Media the Tatti Lashes brand was growing rapidly. Rising Brand search interest was naturally increasing the revenue and return on ad spend from the PPC accounts.

We wanted to make sure we retained full ad coverage on the growing volume of Brand searches whilst simultaneously finding new customers at a profitable ROAS.

This meant we had to segment all Brand and non-Brand activity in the Google Ads account, both in Search and Shopping campaigns; something that had not previously been achieved.

The Solution

Using a combination of campaign bidding priority settings and shared budgets, we created a specialist Shopping campaign structure which included a true Brand-only Shopping campaign.

This meant that Brand & Non-Brand Shopping results could be managed, optimised and reported independently of each other.

We then rebuilt the Non-Brand Search campaigns, expanding keyword sets and introducing new ad copy for text ads. The new ads tested creative language to stand out from the competition and improve click-through rates. This meant that we could achieve top of page ad positions for non-Brand keywords without increasing bids, resulting in increased traffic and revenue for non-Brand search campaigns.

With the restructure completed, we then tailored bid modifiers for combinations of audience, device, location and time of day.

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The Results

Over six months, we were able to optimise both the Brand and non-Brand elements of the account:

68% gain in revenue for Brand campaigns

9% improvement in ROAS for Brand campaigns

37% increase in revenue for non-Brand campaigns

39% improvement in ROAS for non-Brand campaigns

“Finding an agency that you can trust to steer your brand in the right direction and deliver results isn’t always easy. Not only have We!nfluence delivered excellent results through a specified strategy, they have also invested the time to get to know our brand and understand what works for us.

I have worked with a lot of agencies and couldn’t recommend We!nfluence highly enough. I look forward to continuing the relationship we have.”

Ryan Barton – Digital Director, Tatti Lashes

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