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Plumbworld is a leading UK bathroom retailer. We Influence supports them across the full range of digital marketing services including Paid Search, Paid Social, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Content Marketing.


Through Paid Search, Plumbworld has enjoyed record revenue days, record sales weeks, record orders weeks and a record Black Friday – all in the past 12 months.

Taking a granular approach has driven considerable success, with commercial numbers behind each type of inventory investigated before strategic decisions are finalised on how the budget is spent.

Using Google Ads and Microsoft Bing Ads, revenue from PPC campaigns has increased 29% YoY.

The success of paid campaigns contributed to the nice problem of the Plumbworld team needing to secure additional warehousing!

29% Increase in revenue (YOY)

40% Increase in advertising spend (YOY)

18% Increase in profit margins (YOY)

Paid Social Media

Using historical data we planned structured campaigns to promote products to segmented audiences.

We then used a variety of retargeting methods to show users specific products relevant to them, adjusting our message to motivate them to return and make a purchase.

To extend the customers journey further and increase the average order value we also created a cross selling campaign to promote complementary items relevant to the purchase.

We are continuously expanding the account to focus on new areas of the website, identify new audiences and test different ad formats, copy and creative in order to continuously improve performance and grow the account.

516% ROAS (YoY)

671% Increase in revenue (YOY)


Prior to partnering with We Influence, Affiliate Marketing was not a channel Plumbworld was using to drive revenues.

We devised and implemented a program of activity which launched in July 2019.

Over the next 12 months the traffic through the programme has grown ten-fold with revenues tripling since the first full month of trading.

Important throughout has been an emphasis on incrementality, with 70% of the program’s revenue coming from non-voucher code partners.

10% of revenues now generated via affiliate marketing

70% of revenues coming from new customers


After fixing technical issues that were holding the site back we focused on areas where quick improvements could be made, allowing us to see improved performance while working on the next stage.

That second phase included mapping out keywords for all top-level categories to ensure they were all fully optimised.

We expanded user-focused content on high priority pages, improving their relevancy for users and search engines. New category opportunities based on keyword research and competitor analysis were also identified.

Visibility has increased significantly over the past 12 months and is now the highest it’s been since 2013.

40% increase in sessions (YOY)

16% increase in revenue (YOY)


Content has proven a valuable asset in not only driving significant traffic to the Plumbworld website, but in also assisting an increasing number of conversions which has contributed to the overall revenue growth.

The content plan was devised to not only satisfy user search intent based on results from our analytics tools, but also to provide content ideal for sharing on Plumworld’s own social media channels and email marketing platform.

The coronavirus pandemic required a change of direction in the content plan, with blogs created which helped serve the needs of the many people in lockdown and potentially looking for DIY jobs to undertake, including in the bathroom.

217% increase in blog page views (YOY)

30% increase in assisted conversions (YOY)

“The expertise of the We Influence team has without doubt helped the Plumbworld business continue to grow significantly. They are passionate about and skilled in their work, they are dedicated to finding new opportunities for growth and they communicate regularly to give us all confidence our important digital marketing work is in the right hands. I can’t praise the We Influence team enough and would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business looking for a digital agency.”


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